Meet the New Executive Board for 2017-2018


Congrats to the new JOLTT Executive Board for the 2017-18 school year!

Editor-in-Chief: Tyler Oubre
Web Editor-in-Chief: Brendon Liam Walsh
Assistant EIC: Sam Higginbotham

VP Content Development: Justin Laden
Directors of Content Development: Sam Higginbotham, Zeyi Lin, Brendon Liam Walsh, Sarah Hampton

Tech Director: Zeyi Lin

VP Membership: Sam Higginbotham
Directors of Membership: Zeyi Lin, Hayley Ostrin, Sarah Hampton

VP Outreach: Hayley Ostrin (Grad & Legal), Zeyi Lin (Undergrad & Tech)
Directors of Outreach: Brendon Walsh, Sam Higginbotham, Sarah Hampton

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