Law and Technology Symposium

The First Annual Law and Technology Symposium Covered Topics including: Cyborg Rights and the Third Party Doctrine, Autonomous Vehicles, Body Cameras and Police Surveillance, and Russian Hacking and Election Integrity.

Details regarding the Second Annual JOLTT Symposium are coming soon. If you are interested in participating please contact our VP of Content.

Trivia Nights & Other Fundraisers

JOLTT is a non-profit journal, funded by the support of students and the community. If your organization is interested in supporting our journal, please check out our calendar for fundraising events or contact our VP of Outreach.

SXSW Panels

JOLTT has been highly involved in SXSW, hosting panels and providing volunteer support for this event. Members have the opportunity to participate as volunteers; any JOLTT sponsored events will be on our calendar.

UT Austin Student Organization Fair

More information coming soon!

JOLTT Legacy Program

Interested with connecting with University of Texas Alumni with a passion for technology and law? Contact our VP of Membership if you would like to connect with Longhorn leaders in law and technology.