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The Journal of Law and Technology at Texas (JOLTT) is committed to exploring the vast impact technology has on the policies and practice of law. Our goal is to gather articles, host events, and bring speakers which serve to illuminate the changing legal landscape.

Examples of intersecting topics include: access to justice (legalzoom, efiling), civil procedure (spoliation, ediscovery), privacy (NSA, wiretapping), torts (self-driving cars, digital trespass), criminal law (hacking, dangerous manipulation of technology), medical law (prosthetics attached to computers, nanotechnology for attacking diseases), digital rights, contracts, etcetera. Nothing is untouched.

Membership is restricted to students, faculty, and staff of the University of Texas at Austin, per registered student organization guidelines.

The Journal of Law and Technology at Texas is a registered student organization. This organization is not sponsored by the University of Texas at Austin. The views expressed are by the student organization and do not represent the views of the University or its officers.