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Unwarranted Surveillance

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The Journal of Law and Technology at Texas (JOLTT – is proud to present the panel Unwarranted Surveillance, featuring Shahid Buttar of Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and Bobby Chesney and Steve Vladeck of The UT School of Law. Shahid will be visiting Austin as a guest of EFF-Austin, a long-time local affinity group of EFF and a member of their Electronic Frontier Alliance (EFA). Congress recently reauthorized, extended, and expanded NSA surveillance without a judicial warrant requirement to restrain documented (and potentially recurring) abuses. Why does domestic surveillance prompt concerns from across the political spectrum? How does it relate…

“The world still looks to California”: The CalECPA as a Model Step for Privacy Reform in the Digital Age

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“The world still looks to California” The CalECPA as a Model Step for Privacy Reform in the Digital Age by Abby Wolf * INTRODUCTION  “In circumstances involving dramatic technological change, the best solution to privacy concerns may be legislative… A legislative body is well situated to gauge changing public attitudes, to draw detailed lines, and to balance privacy and public safety in a comprehensive way.” — Justice Alito, in his concurrence to United States. v. Jones[1]  “We can pioneer the new technologies that emphasize quality over quantity and we can make the tools to lift millions out of poverty and ignorance. The world…